How To Get Along With Your Roommate In College

how to get along with your roommate
You’ve started college or university, everything is new and shiny, everything is exciting, you’re going to meet so many new people!

Of course, one of those new people is likely to be your new roommate, someone you are going to be sharing a lot of time and space with over the coming year or so.

You need to get along with this person, so how can you do it?

Well, hopefully you find someone who is like you in terms of personality, someone who shares common interests and can support you in difficult situations. But don’t be desperate if not.

Here are a few tips on how to get along with your college roommates, as well as a few pointers on how to set house rules in your dorm room.

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The Most Beautiful University Libraries In The USA

us most beautifyl libraries

If you are looking for a fantastic library to study in, you’re in the right place.

There is no need to look further because we explored and evaluated hundreds of libraries around the US and after a careful study have come up with our list of top 7 Amazing College Libraries.

These libraries offer great on-campus experiences, house remarkable and unique book collections, as well as please the eye with monumental architecture.

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Online Dating: Be On The Safe Side

online dating - be on the safe sideWe’re all geared towards wanting to find that perfect person, a love of the life. Yet, thousands things on the To Do list, college responsibilities and home commitments sometimes have higher priority than “Find the One.” Modern life adjusts to the pace of everyone encouraging using online opportunities to find a partner.

Dating sites, social networks and chats allow us to get acquainted with new people without leaving home. Using Facebook has become the familiar part of our life, yet when it comes to online dating, it’s necessary to remember about security.

Most people who use dating services are open and sincere in providing details and purposes of connecting, however there are special cases. You should know how to protect yourself when communicating via dating sites. Here are the expert tips for a safe date.

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Never Stop Learning: American Presidents’ Educational Quotes

US Presidents Quotes on EducationEducation has always been a crucial thing in presidential campaigns and speeches.

And not for reason. It is a necessity for every person.

Studying plays an important role in your life as it helps to show your best by your mind and spirit.

It provides you with a lot of knowledge in whatever aspects.

Education plays a vital role in your personal growth and development as the more you learn the more you develop.

American presidents, from George Washington to Barack Obama, have told a lot about the importance of studying and the ways to grow up the youth.

Following are the quotes from the US Presidents about learning.

Check them out to ensure that education is a backbone of everyone’s life.

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A Perfect Business Plan: Step by Step Guide to Powerful Writing

how to write a killer business planPreparing a business plan can seem an appalling issue at first. However, this skill is a decisive demand for every business to boost its chances to survive.

A good plan focuses the mind and helps to secure finance.

Many potential start-ups are daunted by the prospect of writing the killer business plan.

Surely, there isn’t one-size-fits-all formula to create one, but there are some key things you should consider.

Our online service has a great experience at providing assistance with writing the most efficient business plans.

Only during this year we have helped more than 90,000 clients. With our expert advice, writing one won’t be a trouble for you.

Here is the most valuable information to go ahead with completing the task.

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Keep Your Body In Top Condition With Our Health And Wellness Tips

health and wellness tips for college studentsFreedom comes in various ways to the college freshmen and continues to reign throughout college.

Students daily face new decisions, assignments writing, difficulties and problems and can quickly let their health fall to the wayside.

They find it difficult to maintain healthy lifestyles that afterwards negatively effects their mental health, effective studying process and regular sleep.

However, with a few simple changes in your diet, sleep and exercise habits it will become easier to preserve a healthy living.

Well-being of both your physical and mental health is guaranteed!

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Smartphone Apps For College Students

top apps for studentsIf you’re a college student, you know all about being busy with assignments, notes, appointments, dates and writing essays. You may need an extra boost of an organization in your lives.

Whether you need a little help with getting and staying organized, or with keeping in touch with your family and friends, we have put together a list of the must-have smartphone apps for college students that can be used for different purposes.

Just have a look!

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Ways To Avoid Plagiarism In Academic Papers

avoid plagiarism in academic papersToday, when the Internet is rich with all kinds of data, it’s extremely easy to find content for most academic papers.

That’s awesome, but it’s not always that simple to use information from the net in your paper same time avoiding plagiarism.

But you still can do it simply following some easy steps while writing your academic paper so that it will be 100% unique.


When you need to write an academic paper on the specific subject, the first thing to do is to find as much information as you can. Next, you need to read the material and write it in your own words. Make sure you don’t copy more than 3 words in a row from the other text you have found online. If you want to literally use the same words (more than 3 words one after another), you should use quotation marks. The right use of quoting will be explained more properly further as the text goes.

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8 Famous People That Were Expelled From College

Steve JobsUsually we imagine college dropouts as street walkers and bums. However, a lot of people have reached success despite being kicked out of college.

Their lack of degree has been more than compensated by wealth and fame.

Talent and ambition are the most important factors of prosperity. E

ven a college degree can’t guarantee successful future.

Many celebrities were expelled from college because of different reasons, but still we all know their names.

Here are the famous people who made out just fine without earning their degrees.

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Infographic: Top 10 Colleges For Pet Lovers

catFor many students, leaving the comforts of home and moving in to college for the first time, to say goodbye to their pets is just as hard as to Mom and Dad.

Sadly, most of the colleges don’t permit furry friends on the campus, but those who allow admit that having a pet by your side can ease the transition to college life, ease the process of socialization and making friends for students worrying about fitting in, moreover pets presence adds friendliness to campus and just make people more open-minded, healthier and happier. And who needs it more than a first-year student who is absolutely new to campus?

Check out these Top 10 US Colleges which will love your pet as much as you do!

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