You Are What You Eat: How To Boost Your Brain With Your Daily Food Intake

healthy-power-snacksLet’s be honest, studying is exhausting, especially when you have deadlines, exams looming and essay writing. For that reason, it’s important to give your brain a proper rest between classes – think of it as like charging your phone, it needs extra juice! This is especially important before exams.

It’s a common fact that some foods can really boost your brain function, which means you are learning more effectively, and you’re less likely to hit that brick wall. Certain foods have a very positive effect on your brain, giving you energy, a much-needed sugar boost, and giving you more nutrition to continue onwards, without falling foul of those energy slumps which can occur when you head for unhealthy choices, such as the nearest pizza place via your mobile phone.

Think about your snacking needs and you will not only save money, which we know nobody has got an awful lot of at this stage of life, but you’ll give your brain the power it needs to continue through that study all-nighter.
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10 of The Best College Party Themes You Simply Have to Try

partyingOf course, college is a time for working hard and pushing yourself to grab that final mark which will catapult you into your chosen career, but it’s also a time for having fun and making memories which will last a lifetime.

As cliché as that may sound, it’s the basic truth of the matter.

All work and no play makes life rather dull indeed!

If you’re wanting to throw a party which will be remembered for year to come, for the right reasons of course, and you’re looking for a little inspiration for your party themes, how about one of these for size?
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Time Management Tips for College Students

time management for college studentsSo you are a student now. Dozens of hours at the university, plenty of paperwork to do, extra classes, communities and parties till the breakdown. We bet you don’t want to miss a thing. But here is the question: how to cope with such a big amount of tasks when you have only 24 hours a day? And you sometimes need to sleep, too. Not to mention the times when you need to take exams.

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How to Write Resume? Resume Writing Tips for Students

resume writingThere is no secret college time is considered to be the best one. In fact, what do you face while being a student? On one hand, you have to pore over the books round the clock. You play by professors’ rules and satisfy all their requirements. But on the other hand, you can feel the real freedom. It starts from the very beginning: you can choose the college (or university) and the faculty; you can actually change it if it’s not your scene.
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Life-Changing Budgeting Tips for College Students

budgeting tipsCollege life is an adult life. You are the one to take all the responsibilities. Of course, if you are a freshman you are not skillful enough to cope with all the potential problems. At the beginning of your study, you will miss classes, fail at your tests, forget about important essays. It’s quite normal. But one day you are going to find out that you need to organize your life. You are not a child anymore, there is no one near who will get things done for you. So it’s time to act.

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