Experienced Team of Essay Writers: Why to Choose and What You Get

You can be good at Literature or History but struggle a lot with writing essays and it is understandable: the problem may be in the lack of time and concentration, no knowledge about the topic or just poor writing skills. In any case, you can always ask for help people who do know the writing craft.

During years, Essay-Writing-Place.com has been working with students and already helped hundreds of them get positive grades for their essays. As only the most qualified graduates can become the part of our team of essay writers, you can trust us with your assignment and be confident about the results. Still have doubts?

How to Choose an Academic Essay Writer

Comparing to other writing service providers, we carefully select people who join our team. We need a writer to be qualified, responsible, open-minded and be able to write on different topics. Unless a person meets all our expectations, we cannot offer him to become our academic essay writer. Such an approach helps us make sure that our employees can provide you with the quality content and meeting of the deadlines – and this is what we are trying to achieve.

Our hiring process includes a written exam followed by an interview with a candidate. We check the experience and knowledge level of essay writing which is important because a Master’s degree does not guarantee everything. Unlike other online services, we pay attention first to the extensive knowledge in the field and great writing skills rather than a diploma but for the difficult technical assignments, we hire people with the Ph.D. degree. Our worker should be an expert in writing and possess the ability to adapt to a particular essay needs.

Your Essay Writer for Hire

One of our advantages is the ability to adapt and work with any materials:

  • we write the essays from scratch;
  • we use the paper you already started and fix it.

We do a proper research no matter how long it may be to make sure all the information is relevant and with no plagiarism. The last one especially matters: we use different citation styles to cite references and give credit to the source and the author. The high-quality of the content is equal to low prices, and cheap is always important for a student. Even if you turn to us at the last minute, our writers will do their best to achieve great results.

Meeting Deadlines

We meet not only your expectations but delivery deadlines and we are able to provide you with high quality content in a short time (oops, that was a secret!). The moment our essay writer for hire accepts the order, you can no longer worry about the time – everything will be done. We often surprise the clients delivering the essay in three hours after they have actually placed an order so this is what keeps us above the crowd.

Essay-Writing-Place.com is one of the US leaders among similar services and these are not just loud statements. Make sure yourself making your first order here.