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What Is a Research Proposal?

Before one decides to buy research paper proposal, it should be defined what the proposal paper is. Feel free to use the information below to conceptualize and prepare a research proposal. These recommendations were provided by our top writer who has a great insight into writing these particular type of paper.

Many students believe that research proposals can be written without a hitch; however, it actually takes much time and efforts. Contrary to popular belief, these assignments are quite challenging to accomplish. Remember, there is always an option to buy a research paper proposal of the highest possible quality and written from scratch according to your requirements.

Research proposals are usually written for a couple of reasons. Requesting a grant for the research described, requesting a certification for research in case it has a very specific experiments to be done, performing research for a dissertation or applying for a job at a research institution.

No matter how your research proposal will serve you, it has a certain requirements on structure and content to be done. Every time you ask yourself “do I really need to write my research paper proposal?” think of that research proposal may be the central to the final decision of your academic future or at least to your final grade.

A research proposal shows and speaks in favor of significance and importance of your research and the practical ways you are going to prove your point. The research proposal has to put an emphasis on the scientific novelty of your paper and describe your own viewpoint on a peculiar topic or problem.

The research proposal is supposed to answer the following questions:

1) what is the concept of your project

2) what is the significance of it

3) what is the further appliance of your project

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There is one more set of questions you need to answer before starting:

  • Do you have a clear understanding of the chosen topic?
  • Do you have the motivation to do your research?
  • Are you familiar with the other works in the area you’ve chosen?

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Sample Proposal for Research Paper

This sample research proposal structure may differ from what your professor or committee expects to receive. The appropriate length of a proposal is very controversial. It can vary from 3 to 15 pages depending on the type and academic level of your paper. This takes you to the first step: consult your instructor on layout (spacing, margins, font, etc.), length and format of the research paper. With these points cleared we may go ahead:

– read at least five different proposals. This will give you a clear image of structure, organization, headings, and the whole workflow.

– put an increased focus on the research. You topic must be as narrow and concise as possible. There is no way to cover a broadly-defined topic.

– prepare the structure of your paper.

In general, the research proposal should include the sections below, but students who purchase research proposals from Essay Writing Place can ask for any structure they find suitable for their projects. Let’s briefly run through the sections of the research proposal.

  • Introduction
  • Background and Significance
  • Literature Review
  • Conclusion
  • Citations

Introduction. The introduction of a research proposal should always begin with a central argument on what is being proposed. Even writing just a course paper, treat this section of your work as the initial pitch of an idea. Your reader should grasp the point after reading the introduction and what is more, he or she should also be able to feel your passion for the covered topic.

Background and Significance. This is the part where you explain the background of your paper and explain why it’s important. Bear in mind, that it is not an essay, there is no need to go over everything you’ve learned on a chosen topic. You should focus on what is relevant even to those readers, who know less than you in the research area.

Literature Review. Concentrate on proving the novelty of your paper in a context of what is currently being explored. Pay attention to the questions other researchers have asked, point out your understanding of their conclusions and explain what is still missing. Compare different arguments, methodologies, themes, and approaches and don’t forget to connect them to your own findings.

Conclusion. Self-explanatory part of the research proposal. Remind your reader the significance of the problem you research, why the work you do is unique and what are the potential implications of your research. One or two paragraphs should be enough for this section.

Citations. Consult your instructor before starting this section, as it can take two forms. References suppose author to list only the literature that he or she plans to use in the assignment. Bibliography covers all the sources the author may use in the paper and even those he or she finds irrelevant.

Again, this structure is general and may differ from the one you need. If you want to see how it works in a real research paper, you can buy sample of research proposal from Essay Writing Place. Moreover, feel free to use it as a template of your own research proposal as it is much easier than writing from scratch and much cheaper than freshly written paper.

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