Frequent questions from new clients:

What makes me sure about my confidentiality?

Privacy and customer’s confidentiality are our No.1 priority. We realize that the reputation we have depends on this factor, so we do care about making them happy. To get an ability to provide the customer with the best service, for some authorization needs, we just have to know your personal info, for example we need your minimal personal data (like your name, email, etc). We provide a full guarantee that this info will not be given to third party companies.

For any details, please consult our Privacy Policy.

What does “Authorization” mean?

We do all possible to keep our customers away from fraudulence, and that is reason we make sure that credit cards of our clients aren’t used by anybody else.

We hold various kinds of authorization: email or call authorization and credit card authorization. For some more info, use the Authorization page.

I have problems finding the code of authorization

You receive two codes of authorization: one to your personal email address and another as a text message. We need you to give us your mobile phone number. Simply use your Personal control panel to enter both codes. Also your device must receive text messages. Codes for your email address and text messages differ from each other. The experts of the support service will be pleased to provide you any assistance you need.

What about any discounts?

We are proud of the quantity of customers we have, so we make our service better and the prices lower to make it affordable for a typical student. Separately from proposing quite inexpensive services of a high standard, we’ve created a versatile discount system and a referral program. To get your code for the discount, you may contact our Customer Support. If you need more info about discounts of the company, you can take it on the company’s Prices page. More useful info about the referral program is located here.

Can I purchase the order after delivery?

That cannot be done. We only provide prepayment of orders of writing services, and that means that our employee will take on your order only after you do the payment. You shouldn’t worry – we will certainly deliver you the order which will suit all your instructions. 100% of our clients were delighted with our papers. There is a high chance you also will be happy with us!

Is there a refund guarantee option if something goes not so?

It is enormously doubtful that you’ll see that things go not in proper way – a team with such professional level and expert authors who are ready to work for your custom order. In a way you see that changes are unavoidable, we will give you three changes free of charge. We have a guarantee of a refund, and our department of disputes carefully solves each problem with orders according to our policy. Nevertheless, it is a not a common situation because our results make each client absolutely happy. For obtaining more detailed information, visit our guarantee of a refund and revision of policy of pages.

What are the principles of a pricing policy?

Our price policy was developed to satisfy your requirements. We accurately know how difficult it is to be a student combining it with your work. For this reason, prices of our company are clear and reasonable, without hidden payments under the cover of a deal. The sum of money for the order is based on: the deadline, the academic level, a number of pages, the type of work, and the extras. We provide our clients with some loyal discounts. Thus, you can save much with us. More detailed information is on our Price page.

How to act if the ordered article is recognized as a plagiarism?

All of our documents are 100% original. We employed professionals who write, don’t copy and insert the text. For ensuring the exclusive quality of our works, we use a qualitative system of check on plagiarism. You can have no doubts in all materials using which your documents are written, everything will be correctly quoted and there will be a link.

You should know that in case you order correction / editing / rewriting, you should be convinced that initial paper was original and of proper quality.

May I be sure the document that I get has not been previously written?

Our system provides originally made custom written works, absolutely new documents. We guarantee that every order is based on your custom order and is made from scratch.

What will occur if I’m not pleased with my article?

If you are dissatisfied with your paper for 100%, you can always use the option of free revision service. Remember that you have an opportunity for three changes only. More info about this question can be read in our Policy of Revision.

If I need the document to be in the APA format, can you do it?

Each document can be formatted in accordance with your instructions – free of charge. These are the style of formatting we offer:

Custom formatting

If you need not a special format, the work is commonly written in Times New Roman/Arial, with a double interval, with 1-inch edges. It can be written in twelve’s font. The average page consists of two hundred and seventy-five words.

When should I expect my ready document?

We have a wide choice of options of the term. The bigger period you allow us to finish your article, the less expensive it will become. Thus, you will get time to send for a revision and be convinced that you get the best work. Please, pay attention that the specified term belongs to the primary draft of the order. If you need revision, a new term has to be organized separately.

How can I insert extra materials to my paper?

After you have filled out the order form, you will be granted admission to your profile and dashboard for letter correspondence and uploading files for your author. Please, mention as many facts as achievable to guarantee full completion of the task given. We accept all formats up to twenty megabyte in a size. If you have any complexities with the loading of documents, contact our representatives of clients support through a chat with your order# in a subject line.

How can I obtain my order?

After the writer has finished the writing, he will load it into your order. After this you will be granted access to the pre-ready paper version, and your article can be seen with watermarks on it.
You can accept this report and download the order in .DOC/.DOCX format, or ask for free of charge review and give it to our worker to make necessary changes. To get more data on free changes, please, see our Revision Policy.

I wish my order to be accomplished by professional writers, what can you offer?

You may select one of four different kinds of authors for the order: “Regular writer”, “TOP writer”, “Your previous writer” or “The advanced writer”. To get one of the best writers working at your paper, you have to select “TOP writer” option. Our writers pass strict process of hiring therefore there is not any reason to hesitate that your documents will be processed by true professionals anyway. Nevertheless, those who relates to TOP writer status in our business are truly the best.

What should I do if I wish a certain writer for my order?

Having already published orders at our site, you can demand the preferred author to work at a new order using your writer’s ID to make us know. Please, pay attention that this choice can be selected, if the term is twenty-four hours or more. Besides, your order price will be enlarged depending on the importance of your appointment and irrespective of the level of your previous author. If your author isn’t available to work at your order, we can appoint one more equally skilled author.

“VIP-services client” – what is it? Why should I select it?

If you wish the maximum attention for your order from our customer support, you should select this option. Having chosen it, you can be sure that all questions will be processed. You also will surely be constantly informed about the work progress. You will receive notices of the SMS during the implementation of your order, thus, having complete control over a situation.

Regular customers’ questions:

I can’t fill in the password!

We have a Forgot Your Password function. It is in the login form. You just need to type the account email, both your instructions and the password will be sent.
If you have problems or difficulties, please immediately connect our support service.

Who is ready to finish the order?

Our team of the most qualified freelance authors consists of English-speaking writers from around the world, containing specialists from Canada, the USA, Australia and the UK. The reason of their high professional qualities is not only the fact that they have received or are in progress of achievement of the BA’s, MA’s, Ph.D. degree, but they have also passed some series of difficult tests at employment. For this reason, please be sure that your author is the right expert.

I require to be sure that my author understands all instructions. How I can contact him or her?
For ensuring successful communication amongst the writer and the client, we created a system of an exchange of messages with the user. Just enter the account on essay-writing-place.com, find your order in the control panel, then switch to “Messages” section. It will allow you sending the message directly to authors, or to department of clients support. For securing reasons, it is allowed to keep in touch with the author either by e-mail or by phone.

When can you deliver my article?

The order will be definitely delivered to you in terms which you have established. Please, pay attention that you can save additional money if you give us an order with a bigger term. Thus, the writer will as well have time to modify the document if it is required. If you need revision, a new term has to be coordinated.

What are my following steps in such case?

If your author is out of limited time with your order, please refer to the customer support of our company. They will reach the writer via his phone number, and if something went wrong we’ll find a fresh writer for your project who will surely be ready to complete the task before the time limit ends. If your order deadline has expired, we will calculate the price according to the moment when the report was made. To get more details, visit our money back guarantee policy.

How can I know that my work is completely unique?

All works are written as unique projects. We are prepared to confirm that, providing you the certified report of plagiarism. To get it, you have to select “I Want to Receive the Official Report Plagiarism” option. You will find one of them right after approval of the document.

I’ve read the preliminary paper version. I realize that revision is necessary. How can I report you about it?
If you are dissatisfied with your version of the document, please, press the Send for revision button, take a look at instructions for revision made by us. Let us know about time when it must be done. Your author will take care about all changes, to meet all your necessities.

I consider that the Summary is highly important for the document success. Can you guarantee that it is written professionally?

Absolutely, each document is written by our writers at the uppermost quality level. If you need the Summary for your document, simply select “Add the Summary Page to My Work” option. Then you will never worry about it. We pay special attention to your work!