Revision Policy is a very responsible company, we provide exclusively high-quality services. We monitor customer satisfaction, so we will revise any of our work on your request. Our company is open to carry out revisions for free up to three times if your request will correspond to the points below.

Instructions: When you edit your manual, you should not give the job different from the original. In this case the Quality Assurance Department will determine that the initial job was done, then your revision request will not be considered.

Submission: Clicking the “Send for revision” button, will easily help you to submit a revision request in the preview document. So before approving the document, carefully review it. In case you cannot preview your document due to technical problems, just contact our customer support center, they will explain to you the different way to see the document. Sometimes, the customer approves the order, and then finds some discrepancy with the task. Within 7 days, you should contact us in our customer service and provide them with a reworked version made by the instructions. It is rather important to meet this deadline, otherwise your document will not be modified.

Deadline: Before you click the “Approve” button, the document can be sent to rework. After clicking, you still have 1 calendar week to contact the customer support. If the document exceeds 20 pages, we will rewrite it for free within 2 calendar weeks after your approval. But we will consider the order executed in time if the original version of the text was stitched.

A number of revisions: You can free submit three requests for revision in case they satisfy the conditions mentioned above. In any query, you can mention as many corrections as you want. In the review order, your request won’t be fulfilled if it does not meet the conditions or if you have already used it for 3 times. You should carefully study the document even before the first edit.

Take your time, understand that you have 7-14 days in which to approve as read. Time is counted since the moment we downloaded the latest version of the Deadline:order on your personal order page. After this time, the text or part of it will be the final version.