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  • To write a commemorative speech (Celebrate a past event) it will compare the present and the past.
  • To express a wish to encourage something or someone

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Categories and types of written speech

There are different types of speeches like

Political Speech:

Which includes presentation of a draft bill, a program of departmental objectives or a presentation of administration reforms and it could also be a receipt of an important personality (Ambassador, Counselor, federal Councilors).

Convenience Speech:

Farewell ceremony (retirement of a Commander, president of sales) or opening a symposium, a General Assembly or even for discount prices, diplomas, various types.

Motivational speech:

It is used for a new-year motivational speech to address the employees or for the opening of an academic or strategic Seminar.

Manager Speech:

Kick off meeting of an important project or for the opening of a production site.
Preparation of press conference and interviews
It could be a speech for a political propaganda or for a press interview.


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