Payment Verification

What are the key principles of authorization in terms of account and payment?

The main issue of such authorization is the need to verify the account owner personality. According to this you leave the info on our site while your duty is to check it up.

The main reason why our service requires this information is that we launch all the possible means to protect our customers. All the given info is confidential and carefully kept. We reassure you that this allows us preventing you from cheating and fraud. We concern about all data.

Why should I pass authorization in terms of account and payment?

Authorization enables to track who is using the account. Keeping account private allows both you and us being sure that only those persons who have an access can use it. After you authorize your account, we will be extremely attentive to the actions that are undertaken from your account. This also refers to the question of safety. Our privacy policy provides confidentiality. Thus, we never share your personal data with anyone from outside. Only members of our team who are in charge for safety can check the data.

What kind of docs should I provide?

You need to send us your credit card photo. Due to this we can experience that you are the card`s owner. We should also verify your identity. You can give any kind of document that can show us your full name only. It also can be a passport or a driving license. Students can show their library or student card.

What exact info should I give you about my credit card?

We care about privacy, so we need only last four figures of the card. As usual we also require your name. You should also provide the information about type of your card and the bank that gave you a card. Be careful: we never ask for the full card number, CVV code and expiry date. That’s why our can use any means to hide these positions.

Should I show any other details of ID?

No, you should not. The only info you need to provide is your address, first and last name. We are not interested in other kind of information.

Why do you require information that is in my documents?

We ask for your documents to check your information and information that goes with transaction.

Do you know that I am not cheating on you?

While you use payment system, it provides the info about transaction to us. Payment details are known to our responsible department. We know last card figures, card type, your name, bank`s name, the cardholder address and the residence.

What is the procedure of authorization?

When you give us the info, we send it to out Risk Department so that they can check it. Then goes the authorization: your information from the photos should match the billing info. Therefore, the payment can be confirmed and you will be able to act further. This is how we verify the owner on the account. There are cases when we lack some information. Then we offer extra methods to authorize.

Can I use the other owner`s credit card after you have authorized it?

It is not prohibited by our rules. The one thing we need to check is that the owner is informed about the fact of transaction. I should remind a card holder to inform us about the changing in current information. Sometimes we ask for a phone number of a card owner. We practice authorization by phone.

I do not have any desire to provide my documents to online services? How should I act now?

You shouldn’t worry as our demands refer to the question of your safety. In fact, we will get this info during the transaction. However we ask for it earlier to authorize your account. We check if it matches the information from payment system. In that way we make sure that there is not any fraud and no one uses your card to provide transactions. If we suspect that something goes wrong, we send the information to Fraud Investigating Bureau. If they submit the fraud, the card will be blocked.

Is it secure to trust your service?

We assure you that there is not any risk in these actions. We never share you private documents with anyone else. We have one responsible person who checks the info from the documents. Once the documents are verified by the proper department they will be erased from our website. It takes about 16 hours for verification. The information is confident. We appreciate the fact that you believe us because we always protect our clients.

I hesitate whether to authorize.

Of course, every online transaction is not safety. But we do all possible to diminish the risk level of fraud and stealing the important data. If there are any difficulties with the unlawful use of your credit card, you can immediately report on this fact and get financial compensation.

I agree. How should I act now?

You can always send your documents by email, any website that offers to download files. It is quite simple. You can always use our website to get more details.