Sample – User Manual for Snapchat

This report outlines the initial proposal for the Snapchat user manual. This report should cover some of the broad and basic information that first-time users of the Snapchat application need to know. This report shall also cover the unique stylistic components that the author shall use in his final report—which would be the actual Snapchat user manual. The purpose of this report then is to guide the author in planning and writing what to write, how to write the contents, and where to place them in the actual manual.
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Budget-Friendly Beauty Tips For College Students

Who says beauty needs to be costly? With a little ingenuity, you can improve your skin tone and add life and shine to your hair without breaking the bank. You just need to have the right materials on hand and use the right techniques.
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Gamification in Education

Often the term “gamification” is met with controversy, resistance and confusion, as it is not completely clear what is meant by its implementation into education.

If you strip away all of the additional information that has been added over the years, gamification is simply adding elements that are usually related to games or game-like activities into the classroom.

Some examples of these features include: points, a focus on competition and a clear set of rules. This does not just mean games that are used in the classroom but rather activities or tasks that have game-like features added to them. This is an important difference to note.
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Billion Dollar Companies That Started in Garage

Every new company has to start somewhere. And who told you that to launch a new business you need a corporate office? Amazon, Apple, HP, Disney, Google all started in garages and became billion dollar corporations.

All these companies have proven that success depends on determination, hard work and faith. No matter how much money you have or where you start your business, great idea, passion, and commitment are what you need to make your company a success.

Get inspired! Check out the most gigantic businesses in the world that launched in someone’s garage.
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20 Things People Hate About Your Website

Do you want to create a website that is guaranteed to attract and keep visitors? Developing a web presence that audience loves is easy – if you avoid the twenty things people hate about websites.

Whether it be through smartphones, laptops, tablets, or home computers, almost everyone can easily obtain the vast and overwhelming source of information that makes up the world-wide web. It goes without saying that online sources are full of useful and popular web pages that people visit again and again because they love what is offered at that particular page. However, many websites they visit leave a terrible impression that makes them never want to return. We’ve searched high and low to reveal the top twenty things that people hate about your website to guide you to create a site that they will love!

Copy Mistakes
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Presidential Pets of the Past

Animal lovers savour that moment when a pet runs up to greet them at the end of the stressful day. Few jobs are probably more stressful than the U.S. president’s position. That’s why it is no surprising that presidents and their families have always been fond of animals. Dogs seem to be first in line, but creatures from mice to alligators have also been presidential pets in the White House.

List of Presidential Pets

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Earth Day: Eco-Friendly Things to Do to Help Our Environment

Earth Day- Eco-Friendly Things to Do to Help Our EnvironmentEarth Day is an event created to celebrate the planet’s environment and raise people’s awareness about pollution. It is held every year on April 22nd and is observed worldwide by conferences, meetings, projects and outdoor activities. The tradition was started in 1970 and had grown into a global event recognized by about 200 countries.

Devoting a special day to the Earth is a way to show how much we care about the future of our planet. There are different ways to be involved and you can choose the one that suits you best. You can plant a tree, clean up trash in your neighbourhood, make a bird feeder – the opportunities are endless. In one word, anything to help our environment is a perfect thing to do on the Earth Day.

Still you shouldn’t restrict yourself to only one day in a year, therefore, learn about how you can help our planet every day.

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Late Slip for Your College Class

Late Slip by

Are you chronically late for class? Don’t worry you’re not alone! About half of students admit to rolling into class late at least once a week. In fact, there are college classes that it takes courage and energy to drag yourself to, especially if you came back home late after that cool party.

Surely, students make up different excuses for being late, and apply all imagination and creativity they have to make up really funny explanations. No doubt, your professor has already heard many of them before, so you should do your best to make your excuse interesting and fresh.

To help you, we’ve prepared a late slip with creative reasons why you are late. Just print it and give to your instructor next time you arrive late.

Healthy Meals You Can Eat On The Go

Healthy Meals You Can Eat on the GoWhen your days are packed with classes, assignments, workouts, and social life, sometimes the only time to eat is on the go.

However, as you’re always in a rush, controlling what you consume can be challenging.

Being surrounded by sweets, salty snacks and all types of junk food makes it even harder.

To choose healthy options and think about what you should eat and what you shouldn’t is really difficult.

To help you, we went on a mission to find healthy snacks you can eat on the go.

Say hello to the following meals

They will fill you up and bring a lot of energy!

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Taking Up These 5 Hobbies Will Make You Smarter

Smart is the new sexy. And luckily being smart is a superpower that can be developed. Hobbies is definitely the most fun way of doing that. Check out the presentation and feel free to share it.