Problem Solution Essay: Topics for a Perfect Essay

This type of writing task isn’t the hardest one. It’s used probably everywhere. If you’re a college student, you surely have to write a lot of such essays. If you’re working on the writing exam, for example, IELTS, you will need to write about problems and solutions too. Why is it so popular? It helps the commission or lecturer estimate your ability to analyze important problems as well as solve them with highest efficiency. You’ll need to write briefly, making simple and persuasive logical deductions.

First, the successful essay requires to build a convenient structure. There are two common types of structure: blocks and chains. Using a block structure, you divide your text into logical blocks, listing problems first, and then describing solution. It’s a nice structure for short papers. Using the chain structure, every solution follows the problem. This system also has its advantages, since you can represent your thoughts relatively to the questions, to show your readers the relevance of your deductions.

Writing a problem solution essay, you need to convince your readers that chosen question is really important. You can give an example of your own experience or some facts that will help you describe the problem more vividly.

Talking about solution, declare it clearly and briefly. Support you claims with specific details that demonstrate how exactly your solution will help to solve the problem, who can make it, how much time or money it takes. To support your thesis, it’s worth writing about a situation where your approach was already used and showed good results.

Don’t forget to write a short conclusion to show what will happen if your plan will be accepted. You can illustrate your point with a story from real life, or give an expert opinion.

Top 10 Topics for Problem Solution Essay

  1. Unemployment
  2. Corruption
  3. Sexual Assault
  4. Education Affordability
  5. Immigration
  6. Privacy
  7. Birth Control
  8. Child Labor
  9. Plastic Surgery
  10. Homelessness

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