Persuasive Topics for High Schoolers’ Speeches

Every persuasive speech starts with a good topic. We decided to make a list of nice persuasive topics, but before we get to it, let’s define what persuasive speeches are and what is the goal of these tasks.

First of all, persuasive speeches are aimed to convince an audience to accept a certain point of view. Usually, there are people in your audience who already have an opinion on your topic, so you can either reinforce a popular opinion or refute it. You have to deliver a message or motivate your audience to take some actions. Anyway, high school is the best place to develop your persuasive skills so we suggest taking this task seriously.

If you can’t figure out what your speech should be about, we can help your with our list of interesting topics. Many our topics also contain key questions that may give you a hint on what arguments to use. There are topics from various fields, including medicine, education, and social issues. We hope that you will easily find a topic that will be interesting to discuss with other students.

High School Persuasive Topics About School

  1. Why are exams important for students? You can tell about important knowledge that you get in school and how it can be used after graduation. You can also provide some suggestions on how to become more productive.
  2. Field trips and their role in the process of education. Obviously, field trips are aimed to make education fun. What knowledge students can get during such trips? What other benefits do you see?
  3. Why we go to college after school? Explain how can students benefit from college and describe what can happen if they don’t go to college. You can give a couple examples of successful people who managed to build their careers without college. What is their secret?
  4. Advantages of changing school hours. Every student has his or her biorhythms that may differ from the school schedule. Many if such students feel too tired after school or don’t eat their breakfast at morning because of the rush. What other problems do you see?
  5. Why should students use their phones? How can they benefit from using cell phones? Most professors claim that it is a distraction. What do you think about it?
  6. iPads and other tablets in high school. What are advantages of tablets over textbooks? How may these devices help students learn better? How to motivate students to use their tablets for studying instead of playing games?
  7. Why should educational facilities provide free textbooks? Textbooks become more expensive every year. Think of how much money students spend on their textbooks.
  8. Convince your audience to raise funds for some threatened species, for example, Angonoka tortoise or Sumatran rhino. What measures can help us save these animals? What is the biggest danger for them?
  9. Female students and makeup. Many teachers shame girls who wear makeup in school. Is it right? Every person has a right to look like he or she wants. Some people have problems with their skin so they wear makeup to feel more confident. What kind of makeup do you consider appropriate for school students?
  10. Should students be allowed to listen to music when studying? Provide your audience with necessary facts so they can think whether listening to music is a distraction from studying or something that may help students focus.

Persuasive Topics on Medicine for High School

  1. How often do we need to wash hands? Why we must wash hands and what happens if we don’t do it? Tell about diseases that spread due to dirty hands. How may washing hands help treat some diseases?
  2. Cancer. How can we fight it? Persuade your audience to join the American Cancer Society. Why is it important to stand up against this deadly disease? How such societies help people diagnosed with cancer?
  3. Why should students donate plasma? Tell about the use of plasma in various kinds of therapy. Describe benefits of donating plasma and give some examples of how donors saved lives.
  4. The role of red wine in preventing stomach ulcers. Provide your audience with information about the use of red wine for fighting bugs that poison food. Does white wine have the same effect?
  5. Benefits of healthy food. Describe the main reasons why we need to eat healthy food. List key principles of healthy eating and its role in fighting obesity, anxiety, and other health problems.
  6. Benefits of eating potatoes. Describe how potatoes help in lowering blood pressure, fighting obesity, etc. Conduct a research and provide as many facts as you can.
  7. Why should people donate their organs? Choose several reliable sources and explain why it’s better to donate your organs in case of a car accident or any other kind of unexpected death.
  8. Advantages of free healthcare. Do you think that healthcare should be free? Why? Compare the situation with healthcare before the Affordable Healthcare Act was repealed against the Trump’s healthcare policy.
  9. Plastic surgery. Focus on arguments for and against plastic surgery and tell about its history. Tell how plastic surgery is used to help soldiers and people who survived tragic accidents. What are negative sides of plastic surgery? How people use it to improve their self-esteem?
  10. Persuade your audience to join the American Red Cross. Tell what internship programs this organization offers students. Describe benefits of joining the Red Cross for their education and careers.

Topics on Society for High School Students

  1. Cyberbullying. Why should we fight against it? Provide your audience with statistical data on children who become victims of cyberbullying. How bullying affects their self-esteem and psychological condition? You can also mention cases of cyberbullying among adults. How can it be stopped?
  2. Crime among juveniles. How should they be sentenced? Explain why they are sentenced as adults and how it can affect their future.
  3. Do IQ tests really reflect the level of somebody’s intelligence? Find reliable sources and provide your audience with information on alternative tests. Explain what tests are more accurate and why.
  4. Do we need to protect freedom of speech on the internet? Consider sexist, racist, and homophobic views in the context of freedom of speech. Should we allow people with such views express their opinion on the internet? Explain how we can make the internet safer for children.
  5. What types of discrimination are present in the modern world? Do we realize all possible ways of discrimination? Provide your audience with information on discrimination by age.
  6. Why we can’t just deport Hispanic immigrants? Tell about the reasons why immigrants from Mexico and other countries come to the US. Mention examples of Mexicans who work hard in the US, making their contribution to the economy. Compare Barak Obama’s and Donald Trump’s positions on this issue.
  7. Why should same-sex marriage be legal? Why should we allow gay couples to adopt children? Support your point with examples from states where gay marriages are legal.
  8. Why should we support the system of birth control? What methods of birth control are most effective? Tell why birth control is good for society and provide examples from various countries.
  9. Incarceration. Provide examples of the effective and ineffective use of incarceration. What are benefits and drawbacks of incarceration?
  10. Should women make a proposal? Explain why everybody must be able to propose marriage and express feelings.

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for High School

  1. Benefits of learning foreign languages. How can foreign languages can help in education? What career opportunities you get when you know a foreign language?
  2. Why do people like to travel? Does it help in developing certain qualities and skills? Mention the importance of new experiences for our psychological state. What can students do if they want to travel but don’t have enough money for it?
  3. Why is Bora Bora a perfect place to spend your holidays? Tell about its climate and provide other important information about the island.
  4. What is the influence of devices on kids? Many experts state that devices make them lazy. Find reliable sources and provide examples of such an impact of electronic gadgets. Mention such problems as decreased social activity, obesity, anxiety, and isolation.
  5. Texting while driving. Why is it dangerous? Provide your audience with statistical data on car accidents caused by drivers who were texting. Compare these statistics with data on driving on drugs and alcohol.
  6. Human-animal hybrids. Should scientists be allowed to create them? Why? Focus on ethical and practical aspects of this issue. What is the difference between animals and human-like beings?
  7. Why it’s important to use alternative energy sources? Describe how solar panels work and why we should use them instead of traditional technologies. Focus on the environmental and economic issues.
  8. Do we need to prohibit the use of animals in circus performances? Provide examples of trainers abusing their animals and examples of good treatment.
  9. Why do we need to stop plastic pollution? Find information on how plastic decomposes and how much time it takes. What eco-friendly technologies can help us stop pollution? What recycling technologies we can use?
  10. Positive aspects of electric cars. Why should we buy them instead of traditional vehicles? How can electric cars help us stop air pollution? What disadvantages they have? For example, describe the process of battery utilization.

Funny Topics for a High School Persuasive Speech

  1. Find some evidence that UFOs exist. Begin your speech with skeptical arguments and then refute them from the ufologists’ perspective.
  2. Why should we stop tipping waiters? Focus on the fact that, by tipping, we motivate employers to pay minimum wages. Mention Japanese traditions ? Japanese waiters consider tipping as an insult.
  3. Why do we need to spend less time with our devices? Provide statistical data on how much time we spend surfing the web. What hard do mobile devices cause? How can we spend less time in social media?
  4. Why should we eat Chinese food with chopsticks? Find interesting information about the history of Chinese kitchen and etiquette.
  5. Imagine yourself a Big Brother and write a speech from this person. Try to make it a hate speech. Focus on some country that is currently at war and describe how people hate each other and why you like it.
  6. The moon landing was a lie. Choose any conspiracy theory about the fake mission and tell how the “fake” video with Neil Armstrong was filmed. Don’t forget to mention the fluttering flag.
  7. Why are GMOs actually good? Many people believe that GMOs cause various diseases, including cancer. Find reliable sources that prove the complete safety of GMO products.
  8. Why should we realize that ghosts are real? Present evidence that ghosts are real. Find some shocking photos and videos as well as interviews with people who claim that they have seen ghosts.
  9. Why pit bulls have a bad reputation? Provide your audience with information on the history of these dogs and refute common misconceptions about them.
  10. Abstinence is a perfect way to protect yourself from STDs or pregnancy. Present statistical data on the efficiency of abstinence compared to common contraceptives. Tell how abstinence can improve a marriage.

If you can’t find any topic that looks interesting to you, check some creative ideas for a persuasive speech in high school:

  1. We need censorship in music.
  2. Orange juice is good for your health.
  3. We need law regulation for graffiti.
  4. Weed must be legal.
  5. Public broadcasting.
  6. Small stores are better than malls.
  7. We must drive slower.
  8. We should buy generics instead of brand name products.
  9. The best movie in history.
  10. Angels exist.
  11. Benefits of learning CPR.
  12. We must use public transport instead of personal cars.
  13. Agenda-setting in media.
  14. We need larger counties.
  15. Why we must read more.
  16. We should stop wearing tight pants.
  17. Stomach stapling.
  18. Darfur crisis.
  19. Benefits of joining the army.
  20. Smoking in public.
  21. Drinking is dangerous for society.
  22. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  23. Columbus Day.
  24. Build a strong family.
  25. Public bathrooms must be cleaner.
  26. Benefits of buying security systems.
  27. How to avoid food with artificial hormones.
  28. Live your life as good as you can.
  29. Alternatives for prisons.
  30. Why religious cults are dangerous.
  31. Reincarnation is real.
  32. We need to completely reduce secondhand smoke by making a smoke-free environment.
  33. Benefits of the Greek system.
  34. We need a strict system of regulations for the internet.
  35. We can fix potholes.
  36. France boycott.
  37. Why we need to ban fireworks.
  38. We need more strict laws for advertising.
  39. Good sides of state lotteries.
  40. We should ban aggressive driving.
  41. Why you should be who you really are.
  42. The best TV show ever.
  43. We must ban Ticketmaster.
  44. Why we don’t need sin taxes.
  45. The importance of bachelorette and bachelor parties.
  46. We shouldn’t use shock therapy.
  47. The government must control freedom of speech.
  48. Share the road with bicycles.

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