Quick Guide to Observation Essay: Free Essay Topics

Struggling with your paper? Here is a guide for you to craft a great observation essay. Follow advice from our leading experts in composing and write a truly excellent assignment. Plus, do not hesitate to ask for professional assistance from our authors. The highest results are guaranteed with our writing company.

How to Make a Careful Observation

This type of essay requires you to become a real expert in what you are writing about. To create powerful observation you will have to pay attention to every little detail and organize your thoughts logically and convincingly.

If you need to write an essay about a new restaurant, or a flight, or any other thing, you should scrutinize it and experience it. Use all your senses: taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing to create a persuasive observation paper.

A good writer should attend a restaurant before crafting a review, read a book and watch a movie before criticizing it, fly on a plane to experience the safest means of transport. Taking notes is essential in observation process. While you are in a restaurant tasting different dishes, examining the interior and evaluating the quality of service, you need to jot all your observations down. That is why, make sure you take a notebook, a laptop or just keep the notes in your phone.

Set the criteria for your observation, so that your analysis will be organized and well-structured.

Write an Outline

It is essential to craft a structured plan for your paper. The outline will help you keep your work logical and coherent. This is how you can organize your thoughts and write a convincing essay.

Feel free to ask for expert assistance if you have any troubles with writing an outline. Our authors are ready to give you a helping hand.


We all know the saying ‘A good beginning makes a good ending’. Starting your essay is not an exception. You need to create a powerful introduction with a hook sentence that will definitely attract the reader’s attention. Do not forget to write a thesis statement and tell some background information why you have chosen this or that particular topic.

Main Body

The classic structure of any academic paper includes three paragraphs with three arguments supported by evidence and examples. Follow your outline and organize your notes into a powerful writing.


Make your conclusion clear and concise. Restate your thesis and write a summary of the main points. Plus do not forget to include the bibliography list in your paper. This is needed to ensure that you give credit to the authors whose ideas you use, and this is how you avoid plagiarism.

Proofread and edit

Once you are ready with your paper, make sure you proofread it. It is essential to craft a flawless paper. If you need professional help proofreading, turn to our editors for assistance. We will check your essay for grammar and spelling mistakes. Plus, we will polish it to perfection.

We can also check your paper with anti-plagiarism program to ensure that your paper is 100% unique.

15 Effective Essay Topics for Your Observation

Do you want an excellent paper? Then you need to start with a carefully chosen topic. We have singled out the most effective topics for you to pick:

  1. New restaurant in your area

  2. Thoughts on tattoo

  3. Is freedom important?

  4. Thoughts on a recently published book

  5. Is it safe to fly on the planes?

  6. What is a perfect birthday gift?

  7. Which cartoon is worth watching at any age?

  8. An experience that changed your life

  9. How do you define success?

  10. Addictive video games

  11. Is music a therapy?

  12. Significance of independence

  13. How I met a famous person

  14. What is honesty to you?

  15. Thoughts on online courses

If you want a personalized topic, do not hesitate to contact our writers for help. We will help you come up with a unique topic for your essay.

Writing Tips on Your Essay

  1. Personal impression matters: As it has been already mentioned, it is not enough to include some statistics in your observation. You need to have personal experience to make your paper powerful.

  2. Keep the notes: Always jot everything down while observing. You can download a mobile phone writing app or get a notebook. Capture the moment and then it will help you create convincing writing.

  3. Do not make your observation too wordy: Too much is never good. Be clear and concise.

  4. Use examples related to your topic: When you use examples in your paper, it is easier for a reader to see a wider picture. Plus, such personal experience is a powerful convincing technique.

  5. Do not forget about senses: Appeal to a reader’s senses. Make it possible for a reader to taste, smell, touch, hear, and see.

  6. Remain objective: This is how you ensure that your readers will trust you.

  7. Remember about references: Include quotes in your paper and credit the authors in bibliography.

Now you have got a better picture of what an observation essay is. Follow our advice and get down to your paper. Whenever you feel stuck or unable to deal with your essay on your own, turn to our professional service for help. We are here to craft an excellent paper for you.

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