Inside the Industry of Essay Writing: Confessions of a Writer

Given the growing demand for essay writing on the internet, we decided to take a look from the inside and understand what it’s all about. We found a writer who has been writing assignments for money and asked her about this job.

She always considered herself a nice writer, so she found a way to apply her skills and benefit from them. She applied for a writer position in one of the most well-known writing services. After a few days, she realized that she doesn’t need her previous job anymore and became a full-time writer.

However, now she’s out of this business. She decided to quit this job after several articles that investigated the effect of such services on the modern educational system. She decided to become an ESL teacher and share her experience with others.

It Was Good to Be a Writer

First of all, I have been excited about the opportunity to help students from all over the world. Many of them ordered papers to use them in their further researches. Writers help students develop their ideas and express their thoughts in a correct form. It’s true that some students manage to improve their writing skills by ordering essays online. On the other hand, some people are looking for a professional writing help all the time and stop trying to write something at all.

I was surprised by the fact that the company did nothing to convince its customers to buy their papers. They came to us being sure that they need help, and we did all that we can to give them exactly what they wanted.

Why Essay Services Are Popular

One of my first customers needed a book review. She said that she likes reading but she gets too many papers assigned so she cannot cope with them all. Her professors were very rigor and she was looking for a high-quality review that otherwise could take a lot of her time. She had to prepare for exams and write a couple other assignments.

Another student liked my papers so he specifically chose me for all his projects. He told me that going to college wasn’t his idea. His parents wanted him to get a better education, so he was trying to give them what they wanted to not ruin their expectations.

There are many different customers, and each one of them has a reason to use online writing services. Some students are lazy, while others have a part-time job or just are too bad at time-management. There are students with kids who always lack the free time to write their assignments. Most of these students have no idea what academic papers should look like. There are many students from Asian countries and Eastern Europe who are non-native English speakers. They have to write complex scientific papers, and they cannot do it properly without help. However, there are many Americans, Canadians, and Australians who have their particular reasons. There is almost an equal percentage of males and females who buy essays on the internet. 65% of customers who tried our service returned again to order new papers.

The age of our customers was also different. 40% of them were from 25 to 35 years old. Ph.D. and Master’s candidates often needed help in writing their thesis paper or a dissertation. I think, our services did a good job for such students, helping them in many difficult situations.

The Problems

Of course, any system has its drawbacks. However, now writers work in such agencies on quite flexible terms, being able to take as many orders as they can handle. I have never experienced problems with payments. If a writer works well, he or she will earn good money.

One day, I logged into my personal account and found out that there is no work for me. I contacted managers immediately and was surprised with their answer. The thing is that positions of our website in Google search dropped. Our competitors built a bunch of links to our source, including misleading descriptions, such as “porn videos and “payday loan”. Google always blocks websites that offer gambling or payday loans, as well as porn sites. Now I know that such a method is widely used by those who want to get rid of competitors.

Our company managed to take these links down, and our website continued working. Some time later, we had another incident caused by dirty marketers. I received a revision request. I knew this student, and he was always satisfied with my work. This time, he was mad about the quality of my essay. We had a conversation online and I realized that the essay he showed me wasn’t written by me. Our competitors created another website with the domain name that was similar to ours. They provided customers with awful content and did no refunds.

We’ve been most busy in summer and autumn. There were more than 7,000 customers a month. However, if you check out the competition for the keywords “buy papers online”, Google will estimate it as “low”. The thing is that such services cannot start advertising campaigns. Google banned advertisements of this kind back in 2007. Despite this policy, this niche is growing like never before, and all such services have to deal with a strong competition. Thus, there’s no surprise that many companies become victims of foul play.

Such actions of our competitors were the final straw for me. I decided to quit this job and found another way to help students. Now I’m working with many students as an ESL teacher and share my knowledge with them.

Some people say that online writing services are unethical. In a sense, I agree with them but I know that such services really can help students improve their writing skills and achieve their academic goals. This business has its drawbacks but its value is undeniable.

To sum up, it was a rather good experience. I enjoyed this work because I like doing researches and writing interesting papers. Every day, I learned something new. On the other hand, there are other ways to help students on their way to success.

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