Key Features of Precis Writing

What is a precis? This is a brief summary of a book or other literary work. As a rule, precis should be six times shorter than the original material. So, you need to describe every six pages of a story on one page of your precis.

This task require the careful study of the book you are working on, and maybe you won’t be able to cope with it on your own. If you don’t know how to write a precis properly, you can ask for help of our writers. Our experts have a degree in Literature. They have extended experience in writing precis, essays and other college papers. Choosing our writing help, you can be sure that the quality of your paper will be appreciated with high grades.

What is your main task?

A rhetorical precis implies summarizing the complicated work in order to make it easier to understand. First of all, you need to make sure that you correctly understand the basic point of the original book. Thus, you need to explain an author’s thoughts with your own words. If you do it right, your readers will understand that the precis writer is well-versed in this subject, which means that you will get the best grade.

Read the original paper and make your notes. Write down the key points and express them in your own words. Follow the logical structure. First, mention the author and the title of the book or scientific work; then use your notes, alternating the main theses with your opinion, which will help readers to understand the subject. At the same time, don’t pay much attention to a subjective opinion. Remember that your main task is to describe the original paper.

If you are working on fiction, consider the key moments of the story, exposition and denouement. Describe the main conflicts and the main characters. Writing a rhetorical precis, make sure that the key points of your work are related to the key points of the book. It’s not necessary to carefully describe the details which are of non-essential in the original work.

Writing a precis is a very important type of college work, since it provides an opportunity to evaluate your analytical skills and literary talent. If this task seems difficult for you, you can always order writing help. Our writers always take into account the customer’s wishes and know how to make your precis perfect. All you have to do is get high grades, without wasting time studying the boring literature.

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