How to Write an Essay Hook

First, what is an essay hook? It is the first words or sentences of your essay. This helps quickly grab attention of the reader, and serves as an introduction to your text. After reading the first words, your reader will decide whether they want to read further or not.

If you ask yourself “Who could write my essay for me?”, you can be sure that our writers will give you a hand. Also our experts have compiled a list of simple tips to help you write perfect college essay hooks.

Start with a Quote

Literary quotes are good hooks for essay about a book, a story or a particular author. Thanks to quotes, your essay looks fresher, and your words gain more confidence. Also you can use quotes from famous personalities. The main thing is to make sure that your quote matches the subject and style of your text. So you can reinforce your point of view with an additional argument.

Use Anecdotes

This type of essay hooks is used less often, as many are afraid to start with a funny story. However, a good joke doesn’t mean that all your text should be fun. A little bit of humor will surely grab the attention of the readers, so you can quickly interest them.

Start with a Question

The correct question will immediately generate the interest. Therefore, this is one of the best hooks for an essay. The curious reader will want to read on to find out the answer. Avoid questions that can be answered with a simple, unambiguous answer (“yes” or “no”). Your goal is to encourage the reader to reflect, providing him with arguments that will help find an answer.

Expose a Misconception

This is one of the best essay writing hooks. People like to learn something new and to be surprised. Start with an assertion that is a commonly recognized fact, and then disprove it. Now all the attention of your reader will be directed to your arguments.


Choose essay hooks depending on the topic of your essay and its style. If you prefer an emotional and imaginative style, jokes and live scenes will suit you. If you are dealing with a serious issue, start with a misconception revealing or an important question. If you write about literature, start with a quote of the particular author.

A good hook is just the beginning. If you find it difficult to write an essay on your own, asking yourself “Who could write my essay for me?”, our qualified team are always ready to help.

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