Citation Machine: How It Works

Forget about long hours of formatting your citations, as today with the help of citation machine, you can generate citations within several seconds. All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  1. Choose your format

Different formatting styles require different standards. That is why first choose the style (APA, MLA or IEEE).

  1. Search sources

You can look for a book, a magazine, a newspaper, a website, a film or others sources by title, by author or insert the data manually.

  1. Edit and download your bibliography

When you have searched all the sources, feel free to edit your bibliography and download it.


Online citation machine is a perfect tool to save your time and improve your grades. Citing a work requires a lot of time and energy, as a student can spend hours trying to meet all the standards of particular formatting style. Luckily, with APA citation machine you will spend a few seconds instead of hours to reference your work. Plus, accurate citations are essential if you want to get the highest grades. Whenever you use other author’s or researcher’s ideas, you need to credit them. If you do not do that, do not expect a top mark. Use MLA citation machine and write your paper 100% unique with absolutely correct referencing.


While over the years of practice students have learned how to cite books, magazine and journals, generating accurate citations of the internet resources still remain a mystery for many. It seems truly difficult and that is why many learners fail to do it correctly.

Today, with the help of our tool you can cite your internet resources easily. All you need to do is to select a formatting style and enter a website you cite. It is that easy. Plus, you can reference your paper in any style, as here you can find any generator including IEEE citation machine.

Save your time and use this tool to have accurate citations in your paper. Avoid plagiarism as this can lower your grade. In addition, if you need help with writing an outline, editing, proofreading or overall assistance with your assignment, feel free to turn to our authors.

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