How to Write a Book Critique

The quality of your essay will depend on how carefully you read a book, analyzing all the details. We recommend you to read the entire book, constantly making notes.

At the stage of preparation, you will realize that writing a book critique is a sort of a difficult task. If you see that it’s hard for you to cope with such a task, we suggest ordering writing help. Our writers have broad experience of working with college papers and essays of any difficulty. Our paper writing service will help any student get high grades. Our authors take into account all your wishes and comply with all the standards of essay writing.

Genre and themes

Pay attention to the genre of a book, as this will determine your analysis. If the book describes real events, compare the author’s point of view with the historical background, consider some historical facts about the subject. If a book is fiction, look at its style. If you don’t have enough knowledge about writing techniques, you can always use our book critique help.

Define the major themes of the book. You also need to share your own opinion about the problems raised by the author. Do you think this book is relevant? How can it help a person who faces similar issues?

What is a book critique? This is not only an analysis of the literary work, but also your thoughts about the book. Pay attention to how the author develops each storyline. If the writer describes the character’s life, tell us what you think about his or her personal qualities.

Don’t forget to support each of your theses with quotes from the book. Pay attention to the brightest details, which the reader will remember for sure.

Don’t be afraid to write your evaluation of the book. Does the author express a new thought? Or maybe the book discovers a completely new subject?

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