Sample Essay On Animal Rights

The issue of non-human or animal rights raises more and more discussions every year. Animal rights imply that it’s unacceptable to do certain things with animals. The ethical side of the issue pushes us to the idea that ill-treatment of animals is unacceptable. It’s very important to stop cruelty towards animals that are killed for food or clothing.

One of the main points of view regarding animal rights is that it’s inadmissible to use animals for experiments. They cannot be used for food, which means human beings cannot breed them in order to consume them later. It’s inadmissible to make clothes out of animals, or to use them in medicine. Moreover, animal rights defenders now insist on the prohibition of using animal labor. For example, donkeys, camels and other animals cannot be used for hard labor, under any circumstances.

As a rule, people tend to divide animal rights and human rights. However, in terms of morality, there should be no difference between adult animals and adult human beings, since animals also have rights, and humans are also mammals. Many people consider animals to be equal to people, and give a number of arguments in favor of such an assertion. Animals realize themselves, they understand that they are alive, they realize their biological structure. Animals understand what is happening to them; they like some things, and don’t like others. Animals are also capable of making decisions.

In terms of ethics, you cannot hunt any animal. Hunting shouldn’t be considered acceptable under any conditions, nor on any grounds. Similarly, it’s immoral to use animals for entertainment, restricting their freedom in zoos, or using them to attract tourists. If we give the same attention to animal rights as human rights, it becomes obvious that any animal has the right to be treated with respect. We must realize the value of each animal as an individual. This means that we must take care of animals, but shouldn’t use them for our own purposes or, even more so, for simple entertainment.

For many years, animals have been used for research. Due to such scientific tests, animals die, suffer from pain. Their rights are violated. The essence of this animal rights essay is that animals have the right to live with no human interference, especially in case of drugs testing or other experiments. People constantly use animals as pets. In terms of ethics, dogs, cats, birds and other animals have the right to live their own lives. In the opposite case, given the equal rights of people and animals, this can be considered slavery.

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