Tips for 500-Word Essay

Despite the apparent simplicity of such a task, it’s often difficult for beginners to write this type of text. To make your essay impressive for the reader, it’s necessary not only to successfully select a topic, but also to create a correct and convenient structure. In any case, if you want your essay to be perfect, it’s worth asking yourself, “Who could write my essay?” We have a lot of qualified writers who are doing everything possible so you could buy 500 word essay and achieve your goal. Our team has written couple tips for you.

Write an Outline

First, determine the main points that you will describe in your text. Make a plan; think about the order in which you will give arguments. Identify what you want to say first and what conclusions you want to make in the end.


Describe the topic of your 500 words essay in general. Highlight the thoughts that you will reveal in the main part, tell what you consider the most interesting about the subject. Your introduction should grab the reader’s attention so that one will want to explore this subject with you.

Body – Main Part

This is the biggest part of your essay. Don’t try to fully cover the topic, since the essay implies, first of all, your subjective opinion on the issue, as well as your emotions and experience. However, try to reinforce your point of view with facts to persuade the reader. Keep your eye on the size of the text. For college essay, 500 words are enough.


In the final part of your text, try to draw conclusions which will linger in the minds of your readers long afterwards. An excellent solution is to encourage the reader to think. Make the readers think about your essay, draw their own conclusions, answer the questions raised by you. Encourage others. Then, your work will attract the greatest interest.

Pay special attention to your style. The style of your essay of 500 words should match the topic. Talking about serious topics, try to find strong arguments, use quotes from famous personalities. If your essay is dedicated to your experiences, don’t be afraid to make the readers smile, let them sympathize with you.

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